Deptford is proud to host regular events showcasing the work of local poets and musicians. If we aren’t hosting an event we’ll be probably be playing a selection from our racks, recorded mixes or we might even have a live DJ.

As well as hosting intimate, micro events we also displays monthly exhibitions by local & visiting artists.

We are currently looking for promoters and artists who would like to hold micro events and Vinyl Deptford. If you are interested please feel free to drop in or email us at




THURSDAY FEBRUARY 8 / 19:00 – 22:00

Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something + Guests »

Vinyl was the first place Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something played, and was a huge part of the formation of the band, songs and experiments as well as being a place that formed part of our South London community. We’ll miss it alot!

To say goodbye, Jemma Freeman and The Cosmic Something are playing a full band set on Thursday 8 Feb. It’s free entry, but there’ll be a donation bucket to pay the bands.

There’ll be cake, booze, various teas, coffee and records for sale. Meanwhile, we’ll be looking for a new residency!


+ more bands TBA

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9 / 18:00 – 00.00

Work #3 »

Oh no, Time to work again. Its the last days of vinyl, lets go out with a bang. We are bringing you a veritable pony parade of improvisational extravaganza*  We have:

Leg Ebb (Low Hair) / These bois are sweet precious and milky let them swaddle you with their eccentric foot based cavalcade.

The Plastic Affair / The crusty smelly little bubo you never even realised you had till it burst and drenched your sheets in its sweet musical puss.

Hobby Club ( also known as grotty seal, green factory, veronicas trousers, the bean and last of all Indonesian backpacking holiday)
Let the jauntiest hips and most confident well placed hands in jangle jangle strum you beyond ecstasy to a place unheard of to human perception.

And finally , The band no one asked for or expected, despised even by their mothers. The Plastic Other. Here is a quote about us by a deeply disturbed individual: “A tripple tipple on your tiny nipple?” asked Peter to the Wolf. He didn’t respond because the Wolf was on probation and needed to stop associating itself with such dangerous individuals as Peter. The tiny nipples Peter was in fact referring to happen to belong to the smallest band in South London. Don’t be deceived by the minute scale of The Plastic Other (crafted by the comparatively large hands of Charlie Ratcliffe). They will beat your ego down to a pulp with a sizable barrage of nihilistic soul trout. Flip a nip to these curly buzzards and rejoice at their healing properties.

Please come to this show we are all very sad, we need hugs and coffee and maybe also more hugs and a quick snog, we are all very nice really.

*disclaimer most of the acts will be replacing improvisation with shambles and cock ups.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 10 / 16:00 – 12:00

No Regrets! Vinyl Closing Party »

Vinyl Deptford is discontinuing it’s Static Presence in Deptford and going on the road. As we cannot go on the road with them all the time, we are going to party away the weekend with a session of special events… this particular one is the last Saturday of voluptuous Vinyl which features some of their *special* performers who have staggered factored about for the last few years with the management…

Rough Set Times
4.00 – Soft Wax (Deptford Dub Club) Afternoon Set
7.00 – Josh Loftin DJ (Bat-bike)
7.45 – Star Turbine
8.30 – Unstoppable Acheivers
9.30 – Rude Mechanicals
10.15 – Anarchistwood
11.00 – DJ Rockmount

Live Music!

Star Turbine (Claus Poulsen and Sindre Bjerga)

++ Rude Mechanicals – Miss Roberts and her band of ne’er-doo-wells always provide a stunning performance and unnerving ride – a dark cabaret –

Unstoppable Acheivers
atomless fantasies that you probably wouldn’t like…

prank rock

poetry from
Noel Grassy Macken

Soft Wax (Deptford Dub Club) Afternoon Set
DJ Rockmount
Ronnie Rocket
Josh Loftin (Bat-bike)
Visuals & fetching EyeCandi by Punkvert


The Show Must Go On / No Regrets! After Party / Sonny Eriksson / Zara / Unity Division / Tulpa Zone Nightmares / Robyn Steward »

For those that can’t make the Saturday night we’re having a bash on the Sunday too!


“We’re not the largest record shop around, but we do have a diverse selection of great second hand vinyl.” – Always a bargain to be found!

We are currently looking for promoters and artists who would like to hold micro events and Vinyl Deptford. If you are interested please feel free to drop in or email us at


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